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Bevel Eyewear from Japan
Carytown Optical: Exclusive Bevel Eyewear Merchant in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical is the exclusive Bevel eyewear dealer in Richmond, Virginia offering one-piece titanium frames with a variety of colored plastic frames. The styling is fantastic, and the colors are gorgeous. You can feel the difference in a well-made piece of eyewear. Bevel enhances the natural beauty of the eyeglass wearer with a frame that provides continuing balance and comfort. Bevel has a minimal approach to design while blending fresh natural combinations of colors.

Quality, innovation of materials, wearability, and color are the core values of Bevel. Neither Richard nor Rick, founders of Bevel, want the brand to be the coolest or hottest or most recognizable. Instead, they’re committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist esthetic look. Using truly high-quality materials with Japanese production expertise, and constantly seeking innovation so glasses look, fit, and perform better. What Cynthia Allen, owner of Carytown Optical Shoppe, loves about Bevel is that the styling is clean, with no initials or writing on the sides whatsoever.

Bevel’s History and Eyewear Strategy

During the 1990s, Richard and Rick were colleagues at the optical shop of Aspen (OSA) and began seeking out one another’s advice and relying on each other as sounding boards. Their professional friendship seemed unlikely, aside from their name. On the surface, they seemed to have little in common. Richard, with the relaxed demeanor of the international traveler, is English, enjoys living in New York City, and appreciates independent music and film and classic literature. Rick, meanwhile, is a clean-cut all-American, born, raised, and still living in suburban Kansas City, having learned the fundamentals of the eyewear business working behind the counter of his father’s optical shop.

The two realized their differences would be an asset in starting a business together. Through his work with OSA and Alain Mikli before that, Richard was sure that his modern, minimalist design style aesthetic would appeal to customers. Both men were determined to set up a company that opticians would like to deal with. Produced by one of the few artisan factories surviving in Japan, the Bevel specs collection was born in 1999. By establishing the headquarters in Kansas City, Rick knew he could find employees with the Midwestern warmth and sentiment to ensure exceptional customer service. While Richard concentrates on design, keeping up with the cultural zeitgeist, aesthetic trends and opportunities for international expansion, Rick ensures that all other facets of the business are operating smoothly.

They are committed to making eyewear as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. After all, while wearing prescription lenses corrects an optical need, it also draws attention to a primary asset: the face. Eyeglasses are universal, not gender specific, easy to maintain, and play a crucial role in our lives and everyday discourse.

As one of the few USA based high-end optical companies, Bevel persists to forge its own path to success both here in the USA and internationally through its collection of bold and beautiful eyewear designs. Form, function, and quality are the bedrock of this stunning collection.

Through it all, they seek to reach their ultimate goal: to help people feel good about themselves by making them look great. If everyone wore bevel frames, the world would unquestionably be a better-looking place in more ways than one.

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