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Blackfin Designer Eyewear from Italy
Carytown Optical: Authorized Blackfin Dealer in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical Shoppe in Richmond, Virginia, is an authorized dealer for Blackfin eyewear that is the quintessence of uniqueness. The Blackfin eyewear designs are far from any stereotypical spectacle and enhance the personality of its wearer. Stop by and view our highly renowned Blackfin Italian designed eyewear collection to admire these technologically advanced eyeglasses. They will exceed your expectations!

Different from anyone else, equal only to ourselves.

They are Italian and everything they create; they conceived and produced in Italy. They fully design and hand make the top-quality titanium Blackfin frames in Italy using excellent pure materials. Blackfin frames are light, only 2.4 grams, and unnoticeable. Furthermore, their frames are 100% biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free. The super flexible beta titanium temples adapt to every face, which provides ultimate comfort and flexibility.

The Blackfin frames add to the personality of the wearer through combinations of colors, shades and laser engravings that produce unique aesthetic effects and make you stand out.

Blackfin’s History and Eyewear Approach

Agordo, an area famous for eyewear, is where Maria Pramaor opened her own frame-making workshop in 1971. The start of an impressive story and a tale of passion, skills, and deep commitment. Today they are still in Agordo, since it is the place that reflects their values. In the 1980s, they made most frames of ordinary metal and acetate. In 1991, Maria Pramaor and her husband Primo Del Din worked with titanium to create something different from their competitors.

Blackfin cares about the Italian people, the land, and their history. This is what they call neomadeinitaly. They are familiar with who and what they are; daring visionaries who want to stay in the front row because they do not want anybody else deciding for them.

A Blackfin model is unique because of how it is made. Using only Japanese pure titanium, they produce each frame entirely in Italy. They source the best batches of raw titanium from certified producers in Japan, guaranteeing them the purest and most perfect raw material. A Blackfin model starts life as a concept that is transformed into a prototype. After technical testing, color-matching experiments, and endless adjustments, the result is a technically and aesthetically superior frame. A Blackfin frame results from hundreds of production processes, each regarded by them as a little ritual.


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