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BluTech Lenses: Made in the USA
Carytown Optical: BluTech Lenses Merchant in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical Eyecare Boutique is an authorized dealer of BluTech Lenses in Richmond, Virginia. BluTech lenses are available in prescription single vision, progressives, or nonprescription lenses. The lenses are made of a blue light filtering material with samples available at Carytown Optical Shoppe.

Artificial blue light from screens and energy-efficient lighting disrupts your biological clock. This causes digital eye strain that negatively impacts your sleep, health, and productivity. BluTech lenses help you live healthier and happier by reducing your exposure to blue light. BluTech lenses fit your lifestyle and any style frame.

Some brands provide style but offer little in the form of actual protection against blue light, while other brands block blue light beyond the harmful range. This alters how you see colors. Only BluTech lenses protect perfectly against harmful blue light while offering an attractive, near-clear look. Click here to learn more about blue light.

BluTech History and Lens Technology

BluTech’s journey into blue light solutions started in 2010 after a family tragedy. Blue light contributed to the loss of vision due to age-related macular degeneration in three of their founder’s grandparents. Safeguarding against blue light to preserve lifelong healthy vision is a commitment they take to heart.

You only get one set of eyes! Ideal for anyone, BluTech lenses provide protection from harmful high-energy blue light and UV rays without altering or distorting color perception. No other lens can support that claim. BluTech offers the most technologically advanced lenses on the market, they’re durable, comfortable, and safe. BluTech are the only lenses you’ll ever need for a lifetime of improved contrast, acuity, depth, and color perception.

Provide your eyes the relaxation they deserve indoors. BluTech indoor lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while giving you soothing vision. Outdoors, have your moment in the sun. However, be sure to protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV rays and high-energy blue light. Wear BluTech outdoor lenses and experience the ultimate in visual performance and protection. See everything in high-definition and experience improved visual acuity, better color perception, reduced glare. BluTech developed unique lens technology that gives you the outdoor protection you need and the durability to last a lifetime.

Devoted to the lifelong preservation of your vision, BluTech offers revolutionary science-based lens technology to those demanding the ultimate in visual performance, comfort, and safety. BluTech Lenses filter high-energy blue and ultraviolet light using ocular lens pigment derived from the auto-oxidation of 3- Hydroxykynurenine (3-OHKyn). The ocular lens pigment is then combined with melanin and isolated in a durable material. When used in an optical lens, this infusion of pigment provides the same protection, contrast enhancement, and color perception to the eye as the natural yellow-brown coloration of the human crystalline lens.