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Face a Face Eyewear from Paris
Carytown Optical: FACE A FACE, BOCCA, and ALIUM Eyeglass Dealer in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical loves the privilege of being an authorized dealer for FACE A FACE, BOCCA, and ALIUM eyewear in Richmond, Virginia. Visit Carytown Optical and reveal your personality with FACE A FACE, BOCCA, and ALIUM eyeglasses: It is about style, audacity, modernity, seduction, attitude, and independence.

“FACE A FACE is more than just a brand. It’s a reflection of the best the world has to offer. Each frame is a handcrafted work of art. There is luxury in every detail. And each new collection is evolution by cultural selection. It’s about audacity and aesthetic frontiers. It’s style and attitude. And after a quarter of a century, FACE A FACE is still at the cutting edge.”  Pascal Jaulent

Face a Face is an audacious, non-conformist eyewear brand of Design Eyewear Group. It was born from Parisian artistic culture over a quarter of a century ago and has been evolving with it ever since. Each new collection is evolution by cultural selection. The collections draw inspiration from modern art, architecture, contemporary design, and fashion trends. Each Face a Face frame is cutting edge and a handcrafted work of art with luxury in every detail.

Besides FACE A FACE, two equally remarkable capsule collections are available from the Design Eyewear Group, providing a comprehensive portfolio of lifestyle options for the most discerning client. The BOCCA Collection is bold yet feminine, provocative yet chic, with temples sculpted into legs and end tips fashioned into stylish footwear. This Avant-Garde collection was inspired by French surrealism. The ALIUM collection is for men with an enthusiasm for design and an eye for innovation and quality.

Face a Face’s History and Eyewear Approach

Face a Face is a contemporary eyewear brand that was founded in 1995, in France by Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth, and Alyson Magee. Face à Face Eyewear joined the Design Eyewear Group in 2015 and relocated its headquarters to Denmark.  The design team remains based in Paris and they craft frames in France, Italy, or Japan, depending on the expertise required. Today, Face à Face has more than 40 offices around the world and is among the most esteemed brands in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Offering the best in optical care and sun protection, Face a Face has established itself at the pinnacle of luxury eyewear. Renowned opticians worldwide have recognized that dedication to excellence and have been quick to join the brand’s growing portfolio of industry-leading partners.

With exquisite combinations of materials, unique shapes and vibrant secret color palettes, Face a Face collections strike a perfect balance between quality, function, and design. Face à Face’s creations are studied as miniature architectures playing on volumes, shapes, materials, and textures in the design studio, led by Pascal Jaulent. From sophisticated to playful, each collection has a distinctive character and emotion, making the eyewear as unique as the face wearing it.

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