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Shamir Lenses from Israel
Carytown Optical: Shamir Lens Dealer in Richmond, Virginia

Shamir prides themselves on presenting you with the gift of perfect vision with a personal touch.

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is a top manufacturer of high quality and high-performance eyewear lens solutions. They are a world leader in custom-designed lens technology for life improvement, fashion, sports, and occupational single vision and progressive lenses. They show their deep understanding and desire to address basic eyewear needs in their truly diverse range of age and task-specific clear and sunglass lenses.

Shamir’s state-of-the-art award-winning Autograph Intelligence™ lenses represent a true revolution in intelligent vision design. Incorporating technology that leverages artificial intelligence enables them to produce an eyeglass lens that accommodates a person’s visual needs tailored to their visual age. Autograph Intelligence overcomes the limitations of traditional progressive lenses, which feature identical concepts for all ages. Read more about Shamir’s state-of-the-art Autograph Intelligence™- click here

The Shamir quality single vision and progressive lenses available at Carytown Optical will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Their lenses make reading, computer/handheld/digital device use, sports, and urban life easier and more comfortable than ever. Visit us to find out more and experience the Shamir lens difference.

Shamir History and Lens Strategy

Established in 1972 to manufacture bifocal lenses, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is now a world-leading producer of advanced single vision and progressive lenses. Shamir has cemented its global market position as a cutting-edge innovator of ophthalmic lens technologies and a top manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance lens solutions.

Shamir technology sets the company apart as the market leader within the ophthalmic lens industry with their ground-breaking progressive lifestyle Autograph Intelligence™ technology. The technology leverages artificial intelligence to model data gathered on actual eyeglass wearers’ head and eye movements. Their Autograph Intelligence™ lenses optimally match a person’s visual age (the physiological age of one’s eyes) with their visual needs. Shamir’s award-winning Autograph Intelligence is the first lens design incorporating elements of Artificial Intelligence based on big data.

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd is now ranked among the world’s top ten progressive lens manufacturers. The research and development of Shamir is done in Israel, with 18 laboratories around the world. They produce, quality control, and sell Shamir lenses from their high-tech laboratory in Thailand. Shamir understands the importance of high-quality manufacturing and meeting service standards. This begins with an unparalleled range of high-performance lenses and premium coatings.