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Sabine Be Designer Eyewear from Orléans, France
Sabine Be Designer Eyewear from Orléans, France

It’s truly an honor for Owner Cynthia Allen to be carrying Sabine Be frames in her Carytown Optical shoppe. At this time, only two optical shops in Virginia carry Sabine Be Eyewear. So, visit Carytown Optical to see these beauties in person.

Sabine Be is an eyewear brand created by optician and designer Sabine Bégault-Vagner in Orléans. In just 4 years, Sabine Be has rapidly turned into one of the most esteemed and innovative internationally acclaimed eyeglasses designers in the optical industry. Sabine Be offers prescription optical and sunglasses, and accessories for men, women, and children.

Sabine Bégault-Vagner is the ultimate perfectionist with a powerful passion for fashion and design. She created her own exceptional eyewear brand that truly represents her own personality and where elegance and excellence in the detail are of the utmost importance.

The Sabine Be collection features fresh and unique designs, extra-vibrant color choices, and dedication to focal detail. These polished esthetic frames are handmade in France with a specialist material called cellulose acetate.

Sabine Be Eyewear History and Eyewear Approach

As a young girl in France, Sabine Vagner knew she wanted to be an artist, designer, and stylist. She was born into a family of opticians and doctors, so her artistic tendencies were not understood or encouraged. Therefore, Sabine worked as an optician for 33 years and she spent 25 of those years working in her family’s shop. When she lost her mother in 2009, Sabine realized that life goes by really fast, and it was time to follow her dream of designing and launching her own line of eyewear.

At 49, Sabine Bégault-Vagner launched her own eyewear line that truly represents her own personality with each frame an original and exquisite piece of art. Her blend of expert optical experience and love for vibrant colors, unique materials, and playful shapes resulted in an exciting new line of eyewear that has fascinated opticians around the globe.

The growth of Sabine Be is impressive and continues to expand beyond its origins. The original French influence is still there, but Sabine Be takes new ideas into the fold to improve itself. Winning over the world requires a precise blend of cultures. The Sabine Be collection covers a wide range of styles, each designed with an audience in mind. If you are looking for eyewear with a sense of swag, you’ll discover a perfect frame for you. This French boutique has grown from its humble origins into an impressive player in the international eyewear market.

They constructed Sabine Be frames out of a durable hypoallergenic, plant-based bioplastic called cellulose acetate. The frames are assembled by hand in a well-known French factory. Not only does Sabine design each frame, but she also designs the glasses cases, chains, logo, and the displays that showcased her new line.

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