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Dita Eyewear from the USA
Carytown Optical: Authorized Dita Eyewear in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical is an authorized and trusted Dita Eyewear dealer in Richmond, Virginia. Using modern materials and shapes, Dita’s designs differentiate themselves with quality, look, and fit. Purchasing Dita Eyewear from Carytown Optical provides you with the peace of mind of excellent customer support and no adjustment, repair, or warranty issues.

From luxurious acetates and custom hardware to elegantly sculpted lightweight titanium frames, Dita is an excellent alternative to label-branded eyewear. The list of DITA’s innovations in eyewear is unmatched, offering a vision for the future as memorable as it’s past. Dita’s logo details are intentionally subtle so that the frame itself defines the look rather than the logo. This allows the design of the frame to complement the features of the wearer and add to their overall style.

Craftsmanship is the foundation of DITA’s reputation for quality and innovation. This is the reason why their relationships with some of the world’s highly admired craftsmen have lasted not years, but decades. Dita finishes their frames in Japan since they found the craftsmanship required for the level of detail in Japan. DITA’s specialty design and manufacturing specifications require months to craft a single frame. Wear DITA once and you’ll wear DITA for life…

Dita Eyewear History and Eyewear Approach

Dita’s founders John Juniper and Jeff Solorio are lifelong friends whose shared passion for photography, filmmaking, and design sparked the life-changing epiphany that “eyewear is the most prominent and memorable of all fashion accessories”. The eyewear connoisseurs, unsatisfied with the uninspired, low-quality offerings from the day’s leading designers and fashion houses, founded DITA in Los Angeles in 1995. The mission of John and Jeff was to create innovative, finely crafted eyewear with an entirely unique look and feel. Jeff Solorio and John Juniper continue to provide the creative direction for the company and oversee all aspects of design and production.

Dita eyewear is edgy yet elegant, with an East meet West aesthetic and design influences ranging from Hollywood’s glamorous Golden Age to the mechanized beauty of the Industrial Revolution. DITA’s ability to enhance and transform a wearer’s persona has earned the brand a cult-like following amongst the world’s most influential celebrities, stylists, and trendsetters. If you’re the person who lives life on your own terms and refuses to settle for anything but the best, then welcome to their world.

Dita Eyewear’s design studio and world headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. All Dita frames are handmade in Japan and use only the highest quality materials: titanium, 18K gold, white gold and the finest Japanese zyl acetates. Dita’s quality and attention to detail to each frame is unmatched. There are no shortcuts to quality, so innovative designs, luxurious materials and old-world craftsmanship are only the beginning.

They manufacture in some of the world’s oldest and most respected factories dedicated only to producing eyewear, including factories that have been owned by the same families for generations, such as samurai swordsmiths from a bygone era. These are true artisans and master craftsmen dedicated to perfecting their crafts. Using a laborious combination of traditional and modern production technologies to transform the world’s finest metals and acetates into luxurious eyewear with a genuine DITA soul.

DITA proudly print the word DITA on every frame as an ongoing pledge to innovative design, incomparable quality, and passionate authenticity.

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