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Maui Jim Eyewear from Hawaii
Carytown Optical: Exclusive Maui Jim Eyewear Dealer in Richmond, Virginia

Carytown Optical is the exclusive Maui Jim eyewear dealer in RVA, offering high-quality Maui Jim sunglasses and eyeglasses that make you feel confident within your own style. Maui Jim designs eyewear to transform the way you see the world. Inspired by the rich tropical colors, beauty and culture of Maui, their mission is to spread aloha through vivid color, clarity, and detail.

With Maui Jim’s polarized sunglasses, you’ll experience unparalleled brilliant color and strikingly intricate details, like you’ve never seen before. Their patented PolarizedPlus2® sunglass lenses bring the beauty of the natural world into sharp focus while protecting your eyes and surrounding skin. All sunglasses feature their patented PolarizedPlus2® lenses that block 100% UV rays, eliminate glare, and manage high-energy visible light. 

Whether you’re hiking, running, golfing, fishing, driving, playing tennis, into water sports, or just soaking up the sun, Maui Jim’s sunglasses will make your life brighter and keep your eyes safe in style. Maui Jim now offers eyewear that includes Classic, Cat Eye, Aviator, Wrap, Fashion, Rectangular, Rimless, and Cat Eye styles.

What sets Maui Jim apart from other brands is their unique ability to combine industry-leading technology, the culture and spirit of Hawaii, and the benefits of an independently owned business.

Carytown Optical delivers a personal and consistent customer experience to the Maui Jim brand.

Maui Jim’s History and Eyewear Strategy

Maui Jim started out as a small company in 1980, selling sunglasses on Lahaina beach of the island of Maui, Hawaii. Slowly they grew into the global eyewear entity as we know it today. Still proudly independently owned, Maui Jim offers several services other companies simply cannot offer. The Maui Jim headquarters is still in Lahaina, and they manufacture all Maui Jim frames and lenses in Italy or Japan.

Maui Jim identified the need in the market for optical technology that could withstand the glare of the Hawaiian sun and harmful UV rays while bringing the brilliant colors of the island to life. They engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens with your comfort in mind. The PolarizedPlus2® technology reduces the impact of the sun’s harsh glare and offers protection from several long-term eye-health risks. Maui Jim believes color and light are the key to the human experience. Their sunglasses show you the full spectrum of the 16,777,216 hues of beautiful color that surround us every day.

The company-owned, precision robotic, state-of-the-art facility, ensures that each lens crafted delivers optical excellence. The cutting-edge and fully automated digital lab includes digital surfacing, extensive anti-reflective coating, and integrated lens finishing. Maui Jim has been providing eye care professionals with superior products, extraordinary service, and the fastest turnaround times in the industry for over 15 years.

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