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Contact Lenses a Good Option?
Is Wearing Contact Lenses a Good Option for You?

Optometrists frequently have discussions with eyeglass-wearing patients regarding the option of trying out contact lenses. Patients are often reluctant to try contact lenses for the first time or have been told that they are not the ideal candidate for contact lenses. Certainly, contacts are not the best option for everyone, but many people who have been told in the past that glasses were their only option are, in fact, potentially missing out on a safe and convenient vision-correcting alternative to eyeglasses.

Patients often say they can’t wear contacts because of their astigmatism; or that the only contact option for them would be hard lenses, known as gas permeable lenses. Other patients have assumed, or have been told by a doctor, that they would not make good contact lens wearers because of their need for bifocals or for reading glasses.

Other patients have tried contacts but have given up because they had difficulty putting them in or taking them out; or because they found them a bit irritating or even costly. Some patients who like to wear glasses on an everyday basis may be interested in wearing contacts for special occasions but are hesitant because of the additional cost and care. There are solutions to all these issues if a patient has a doctor who is willing to spend a little extra time working with them to address their individual needs and concerns.

Interested in Exploring Contact Lenses as an Option?

If you have an interest in wearing contact lenses, yet you have reservations for any reason, Dr. Gates and the staff at Carytown Optometry will take the time to answer all your questions and to address all your concerns. It is our goal to make you as happy as possible, and the way we do that is by getting you to see clearly, putting forth any additional effort to make sure you do.  Click here for more info.