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iGreen Eyewear Made in the USA
Carytown Optical: iGreen Eyewear Merchant in Richmond, Virginia

You are special! … and deserve a perfect eyeglass frame that will suit your unique taste and special requirements. iGreen Eyewear is the result of many years of experience, research, and development to produce technologically superior frames while being friendly to our environment. iGreen combines style and technology in unprecedented luxury eyewear collections.

iGreen’s revolutionary environmentally safe polymer eyeglass frames provide flexibility, delicacy and strength as never seen before. iGreen eyewear is incredibly lightweight (only 5 grams), comfortable, trendy and has a vibrant style with a distinctive design. The frames are extremely flexible with perfect shape memory! Best of all, all frames have interchangeable temples with an unusually wide selection of colors for endless fun!

iGreen Eyewear is durable and resilient and is the ideal companion for everyday life – Soon you will be wearing them! Visit Carytown Optical today to view the latest collection of iGreen Eyewear! Purchasing iGreen Eyewear from us, as a trusted authorized iGreen dealer, guarantees you the local support for any adjustments, repairs, or warranty issues.

iGreen Eyewear History and Eyewear Approach

iGreen design and manufacture their spectacles in Italy and, most recently, at their new factory in Miami, Florida. The fact that they can still talk about “handmade” is a reason for them to be proud. Thanks to Thema’s investment in eco-friendly equipment and production processes, iGreen frames are fabricated using significantly less water and electricity during manufacture. This makes them a sensible and unrivaled choice in the marketplace.

iGreen 4.0 Acetate Collection frames combine the lightness of polyamide with the strength of acetate for optimal balance of comfort and function. All Acetate Styles are available for customization, offering multiple eye sizes as well as nose pads. The iGreen Polymer Collection is designed with active lifestyles in mind. iGreen Polymer frames provide unmatched impact protection and lightweight comfort without sacrificing style. The iGreen ULTRA-THIN collection is their latest series that conforms perfectly to different face shapes and truly provides a “you don’t even know it’s there” feeling.

The iGreen PLUS Collection transforms prescription eyewear into protective and attractive sunglasses! Each pair comes with a polarized (grey) magnetic clip-on lens that stays in place using a strong built-in magnet discreetly placed under the rivet. Four other clips are available with different lenses (Polarized Green Mirrored Lens, 3-D, Blue Lens and Yellow Lens).

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